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Adventure Comics #450 (March-April, 1977)

Continued from Adventure Comics #449: "Mission: Catch A Killer"

N'or Cott fired missiles on J'onn J'onzz's vessel within Earth's atmosphere, from which the Manhunter barely escaped. The explosion attracted the attention of Supergirl, who kept debris from falling on Metropolis. From a distance, she spotted J'onzz's silhouette. "It appears that we're under alien attack-- and there's the alien! I'll return his junk to him-- and discourage him in the process!" Supergirl's toss clipped the dazed and near-blind Alien Atlas, who went on the defensive.

"He's... He's J'onn J'onzz-- an ex-Justice League member! He's always been a friend! I have a feeling I made a horrible mistake! But he is attacking me-- and his strength is nearly equal to mine, so... perhaps this will bring him to his senses!" Supergirl was the first to land a solid blow, and managed to stave off the Manhunter until he gathered his wits and relented. N'or Cott then fired ineffectual missiles that were deflected by the Maid of Steel's ample bosom. "Luckily, my hunch was right! These firecrackers don't even sting!"

After N'or Cott fled, the Maid of Might asked if the clearly still unstable J'onn was okay. "Physically-- yes! But I hung here like a helpless child while you did the work!"
"Should we chase your attacker?"
"No... N'or is merely doing his duty! Now I'll do mine! Somewhere there's the murderer of my closest friend-- somewhere down there, on that planet-- and I'll find him... or her! --Find the killer and wreck justice! I swear it-- on Re's grave!"

Beyond a Starlinesque recap on page one and mention of Michael Nasser/Netzer's bringing the hotness with regard to Supergirl, that's all there is to this installment. Writer Denny O'Neil collects a check for a lunch hour's worth of effort.

Adventure Comics #451: "The Suspects"

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