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Alter Ego: Jasonar
Occupation: Scientist, Revolutionary
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Saranna (daughter)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Kalanor
First Appearance: Justice League of America #1 (October/November 1960)
Height: Approx. 5'0"
Build: Paunchy
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Pale Green

After the three-eyed tyrant Despero took control of their home world and enslaved their people, Jasonar and his daughter Saranna fled from Kalanor in a dimensional traveler. Arriving on Earth, the pair worked for several days out of an abandoned farmhouse to complete Jasonar's anti-weapon against Despero's energy-based arsenal. While testing the device, the pair inadvertently disabled the automobile of police scientist Barry Allen as he was driving past their shelter. As the speeding super-hero the Flash, Allen discovered the aliens, and learned of their plight. The Flash signaled his teammates in the Justice League of America for help, and while they waited for a response, Jasonar explained how his devices worked.

Suddenly, Saranna was struck by a teleportation beam, but Jasonar and Flash were immune due to a blue glowing radiation given off by the dimensional traveler. The Flash raced to secure Jasonar, his anti-weapon, and the dimensional traveler in a hidden cave. The men agreed to periodically expose themselves to the traveler's radiation to protect themselves against Despero. While the Flash was confronted by Despero at the Justice League's headquarters, Jasonar remained in hiding to concentrate on his anti-weapon.

After Despero cheated in a game of supposed chance and dispatched the Justice League to other dimensional worlds, he used his sonoscillator to crisscross Earth and locate Jasonar. At that moment, in his cave hideout, Jasonar perfected his energy-absorber. However, Despero captured Jasonar before the anti-weapon could be used against him, and stated his intention to instead direct the energy-absorber toward conquering Earth. Through the intervention of Snapper Carr, a young associate of the Justice League, the anti-weapon was employed against the dimensional tyrant that was its original target.

Defeated, Despero returned as Jasonar's captive to Kalinor, where the scientist surgically removed the third eye from which the despot derived his powers. Jasonar enrolled Despero in a rehabilitation program, and believing him to be reformed, saw Despero assigned to a scientific research laboratory. Unbeknownst to Jasonar, Despero's third eye regenerated, allowing him to fake his own death and escape Kalinor. Despero was soon recaptured by the Justice League of America, and has not been known to trouble Jasonar or his daughter since.

Jasonar could communicate through telepathy.

Friendly, overly trusting, and idealistic.

Jasonar's anti-weapon could absorb "energy as a sponge does water." The anti-weapon rifle could rob its target of all motion and strength, including living beings.

Jasonar possessed a dimensional traveler craft, which allowed him to visit any dimension he so chose. A blue aura of unknown radiation emitted by the traveler could temporarily render Jasonar and others in its presence immune to Despero's powers and weapons.

Quote: "Now Despero will be as other men on Kalanor, honest and good! He has reformed completely!"

Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky

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