Saturday, January 30, 2010

1995 Skybox DC Villains: The Dark Judgment Darkseid Trading Card #87

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If Martian Manhunter is a poor man's Man of Steel, and Mongul is a poor man's Darkseid, couldn't we have just put them together and left poor Jack Kirby out of it?

Darkseid's Dark Judgment trading card painted by Joe Devito, who was nice enough to post the enlarged virgin art. What the Lord of Apokolips has against St. Louis, I don't know.


Tom said...

I have a friend who lives in St. Louis. I hope he's okay. (Damn you, Darkseid!)

mathematicscore said...

I'd argue (as I'm believe you have yourself) that MM is unique enough to be separate from Superman. Mongul and Darkseid, while initially similar (isn't Mongul a step removed to begin with, based on Thanos, who is in turn based on Darkseid?) has grown into his own as well. While I support your arguement, I still say there's enough Darkseid to go around for everyone! Thanks to the creation of Intergang, you can even have street level hero's fighting him!

Diabolu Frank said...

The analogy was meant to be broad and diminishing. I actually prefer Thanos to Darkseid, and he owes as much to Metron as anyone. Mongul also has his own vibe, just like J'Onn, and I'd rather see them passing around love taps.

Intergang would be a good match for J'Onn.