Sunday, February 14, 2010

2007 Brimstone Wizard World Philadelphia Convention Sketch by Reilly Brown

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Okay look, this is the only other Brimstone picture that came up in my search, and I'm still playing catch up, so here we go!

Also no, I don't believe he's the second lost brother of Johnny Blaze. Maybe Vengeance?


mathematicscore said...

I'd never really thought of the Ghost Rider (Motor cycle heeerroo) connection before, but then, this angle is a little weird. He really needs to be seen in full to appreciate his Godzilla-ness.

Have you read the Ray issues where he gets a personality imprint of a hard drinking tour guide or some such madness? That is some good comics!

Diabolu Frank said...

That sounds vaguely familiar. I've got a handful of Priest's Ray issues, and they were all pretty good. I wish I liked the the Ray better, but even in the '90s, he was so very of the '90s.

mathematicscore said...

Sweet jackets and angst are always cool. I have far in the future plans for a feature on him at Vengeance of Banality.