Friday, February 5, 2010

random picture day & when is evil cool?

wiec? has a few aliases, but I'll honor his wishes and stick with his main one here. I don't know how I got to when is evil cool?, but upon arriving, I dug it. If you're a Gen-X dude who likes violent movies and nostalgia, it's a boss hangout. Despite his slacker tone, wiec? writes funny and clever observations, shares some awesome anecdotes, and tosses out the occasional review. He was also a good friend I could vent around when that crossover was driving me up a freakin' wall.

wiec? has a second blog he updates daily, random picture day, which I think he once described as a "poor man's Tumblr." It's what he calls it (The title. I don't know from Tumblr,) though there's a general interest in movie posters, half-nekkid girls, and nerdiness. I like it, too.

when is evil cool?'s "challenge" involved a question about Sgt. Rock, an appropriately surly character for the blog to represent. random picture day's challenge didn't pan out as planned. I was going to drop clues in my interactive story like "get free-- get the key" and "save god," or something. It was meant to tip people that in order to solve the meta-challenge, they would have to save the Mr. Miracle picture at rpd to their computer, look in the properties, and find the html of the next story chapter. Well, a) people don't like saving stuff to their computer, and b) I'd be encouraging the distribution of copyrighted materials. So I also was going to ask wiec? to hotlink to a Photobucket page where I'd listed the text from the "properties." Well, the properties text didn't survive a Google embed, and when wiec? took a screengrab from the Photobucket page, I realized it was best to leave well enough alone. Since my overarching story remains incomplete, at least this way folks can still find the missing Alex Saviuk pin-up.

So here's them highlights. Dig 'em:

when is evil cool?
it came from my closet: the Horrible Mummy and the Human Werewolf.
Let's review: Gran Torino and 10 random Clint Eastwood movies (part 1 of 3)
the GRINDHOUSE poll results are in
Let's talk about Jaws and Let's Look at: a bunch of Jaws movie posters.
Revenge of the Junk Drawer.
He's gold! Remembering my least favorite Halloween costume.
Junk Drawer: the to remember fondly batch.
5 things: out of the haunted part of the Junk Drawer.
5 things from the wiec? junk drawer.
random Ghana movie posters: 3 examples of horrible excellence.
a tale of woe: My Dragon's Lair Regret.
Let's talk about Hex. The ongoing comic and the upcoming movie.
oh screw it: Let's Look at some more Ghana movie posters.
5 things from the wiec? junk drawer.
Adios Dan O'Bannon.
Stan the Man.
5 Things: from the junk drawer. (the TV and fashion tip batch)
Let's Look: The Italian movie poster batch
time killer: monster letter fun.
poll results: who's the better bot? and why is Skynet so dumb. (when is evil cool?)
i see (but don't hear) dead people. (when is evil cool?)
5 things: from the junk drawer (the longish story batch)

random picture day
Nova and Ape
Bowie & Moss
3D Ghost Girl
The She-Creature movie poster
The Gauntlet movie poster 
Frauliens in Uniform movie poster.
The Warrior and the Sorceress movie poster  
The Horror of Party Beach movie poster
Death Hunt movie poster  
The Death Wheelers movie poster
The Outlaw Josey Wales movie poster
I Criminali Della Galassia movie poster
Lucky El Intepido foreign movie poster
Black Dynamite movie poster
Network foreign movie poster
The Lizard
i am modok!!  
facing the devil.
crotchety elf.
bela and ed wood say merry xmas.
make a date to detonate
bigfoot on a scooter
Wonderful Company
"Come on over and worship..."
eraser head mask.
sweet lily. (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
milla mattress sale.


LissBirds said...

When I clicked on "merman" I thought it was going to be a picture of Ethel Merman. I have no idea why I thought that.

wiec? said...

bro thanks for the shout out. the review on my two blogs you gave were both glowing and very kind. when is evil cool? might be dead for good but i think i might be getting back in the game again soon.

i'll keep you posted. get it? ... post-ed. like blog post?
okay nevermind but thanks again.