Monday, February 23, 2015

Podcast: Making Sense of the Martian Manhunter

Episode #5

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  This episode, Frank responds to an article on Comics Alliance by Chris Sims where the columnist devotes more time to thinking about the pros and cons of the Manhunter from Mars than most folks would ever spare. Sims felt the Alien Atlas compared unfavorably and unavoidably to Superman and Batman in the Justice League, and that he works best filling their vacuum in instances where the World's Finest duo are unavailable. Frank mostly agrees, but explains that there are a lot more venues available for that service within the DC Universe than might have been previously considered, including adopting orphaned concepts from prior periods of those heroes' library. Remember kids, just because you only know a character from team books doesn't mean that's all there is to know...

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Anonymous said...

Great Podcast as usual. Food for thought, what characters outside of the DC Universe would you say closely resembles the MM (not looks but character type).

I know you're a fan of Adam Warlock, and maybe initially the similarities aren't there, but maybe there SHOULD be? Have they done the Adam Warlock cosmic wanderer take on MM?

-Illegal Machines

Anj said...

Great show looking at this article and at J'Onn as a whole. I am so glad you did this because as I was reading Sims article all I was thinking was 'I wonder what Frank thinks'.

And I love the contrast with Superman. For a Super-fan like me, that was the highlight of this episode.