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Martian Manhunter in the 2000s

It was the best of times, it was the sometimes-not-okayist of times. Martian Manhunter entered the new millennium with an ongoing solo series and a co-starring role in the wealth of top-selling JLA titles. The "Justice League" series was launched on the Cartoon Network, in which J'onn J'onzz was voiced by Carl Lumbly, and appeared in more episodes than any other character. The sheer volume of licensing featuring J'onzz related to that show would be difficult to catalog, but included another monthly comic book series. The Alien Atlas even began making guest appearances on other cartoons, "StaticShock" and "The Batman" (the latter realized by actor Dorian Harewood.) In the video game "Justice League Heroes," Daniel Riordan assumed the role. Phil Morris portrayed John Jones in a reoccurring role on the popular "Smallville" television series. Miguel Ferrer lent his vocals to the character in the direct-to-dvd animated adaptation of "The New Frontier," a critically acclaimed mini-series by Darwyn Cooke, in which the Martian took a prominent role. Australian actor Hugh Keays-Byrne was cast in a proposed Justice League live action film. The Martian Manhunter was finally responsible for a proper spin-off character, the heroine Miss Martian. Thanks to the DC Direct line of niche merchandising and other licensing, the Martian Manhunter appeared on more "stuff" than ever before, and quite possibly ever again.

Conversely, while Phil Morris aspired to a spin-off series, he only appeared on five episodes of "Smallville." The "Justice League" movie has been placed on indefinite hold. The animated series and its product lines ended. The "Martian Manhunter" comic was cancelled after three years, having found a lukewarm reception and little impact on the character beyond the revelation of his evil brother "Malefic." J'Onn J'Onzz was written out of "JLA," sat out the mega-crossover "Infinite Crisis," and was not invited to join novelist Brad Meltzer's relaunched "Justice League of America." The character was part of a widely distributed $1 anthology special called "Brave New World," intended to introduce a variety of series, from which not a single hit was produced. Among these losers emerged an eight-issue "Martian Manhunter" mini-series by a little known or regarded creative team tasked with a massive reworking of the hero. Respected Mexican illustrator José Ladrönn turned in a sweeping redesigned of the Martian Marvel for the project. The book itself, by A.J. Lieberman and Al Barrionuevo was treated to general disinterest; essentially revisiting the reactionary, antagonistic take of the 70's O'Neil/Nasser short stories.

The new Martian Manhunter was set to join a new super-team, but even the Outsiders would not have him. After several issues had been produced but not released, they were scrapped for a whole new creative team and direction, limiting the Manhunter to a two-issue guest stint. More appearances followed, here and there, but it had been decided Martian Manhunter would serve as the sacrificial lamb of the 2008 mega-crossover "Final Crisis." Murdered with little fanfare by the obscure 70's super-villain Libra, whom J'Onn J'Onzz had himself never met, it seems likely the hero will remain in limbo for at least the rest of the decade. All that fame from the early aughts had made the Manhunter from Mars a major enough character for his first major death in comics to have an impact...

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XaNoS said...

It's sad to see such a wonderful character with a rich back story and a vast array of powers be killed off so quickly. Even though he is dead, I guess no one ever really stays dead in the world of comics. Still though, J'onn was probably one the most under appreciated heroes in the JLA not to mention the entire DCU. Hopefully he's brought back soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes but now he's back and his DC regular title is awesome! As great a site as this is, it really should be updated, please.