Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Podcast: John Jones in Smallville, Part 1

Episode #18

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Beginning this episode: an irregular series of shows covering appearances by the Sleuth from Outer Space on the WB/CW's long-lived Superboy Clark Kent developing into Superman TV show Smallville. This initial installment looks briefly at the show's formative development, then summarizes John Jones' cameo debut in the sixth season episode "Static," followed by the launch of the Martian-less not quite a "Justice" League, and finally the full debut of the Manhunter as portrayed by Phil Morris in "Labyrinth."

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Anj said...

I watched the first couple of season of Smallville, then left, then came back for the Laura Vandervoort Supergirl season, then was on and off until the last 2 seasons. So I missed the introduction of J'Onn and the sorta JLA episode you review. So good to hear all about it.

Wondering if we'll see J'Onn on Supergirl!