Monday, September 8, 2014

2007 “ask the lonely” color fan art by hipgnostic

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"I got hold of a friend's JLA collection and in so reading I realized that J'onn J'onzz and Diana of Themyscira were the two loneliest characters there.

J'onn because Mars and his whole green race got fragged by white martians. I think that in itself is a metaphor for imperialistic tendencies of developed nations..but I digress.

Diana because Paradise Island ( and her Gods ) disappeared back behind the Veil and left her to find a new purpose.

I was remembering that Journey song when I read the comics so, that's what I called this piece.

Ahh..... comics are so complicated now."
I really like the intensity of the emotions and the linework on J'Onn in this piece. See the original black & white art here.

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will_in_chicago said...

In many ways, a pairing of Diana and J'Onn would be that of two survivors who are outsiders. At the very least, I think that they would make good friends and J'Onn can hold his own against Diana's foes. Similarly, I think Diana might be the sort of person who could draw J'Onn out from his solitude. (Note to Diana: Avoid the saganaki as J'Onn does not like fire.)

There is a report that Dan DiDio has confirmed Infinite Crisis as a sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Can we have a better reboot with better characterization?