Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 “ice cream” fan art by annie hedgehawke

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"I think it was the first season of JLU when J'onn was just constantly in the watchtower managing everything and everyone; so I had this headcanon that Diana would drag him out of there every once in a while and introduce him to new foods or other earth things"
While seven years of roughly daily posts should stand as a testament to my affection for the Manhunter from Mars, Wonder Woman will always be a more paramount concern, because her treatment reflects the state of womankind in comics. If you have her hook up with a bigger name, she's the lesser half, and that's unacceptable for the super-heroine. You can join her with a lesser name, but then she's dating below her station. It's like if Superman had actually gotten with Ice or Maxima, who were once rendered as sad, deluded super-groupies. Everybody's just going to be like "Dude, you could have gotten with Batgirl, but you went with Tora Olafsdotter? Low bar, bru."

In the '90s, Wonder Woman and Aquaman kind of made sense, if you could get past Aquaman being a long time punchline overcompensating with macho posturing (still true to this day, by the way.) Ultimately though, Lois Lane and Steve Trevor exist because they're "the one(s)," who belong to their franchises and with their super-significant others, though DC seems to see them as first-spouses their heroes need to trade up from, which shows what an icky place they're in.

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