Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2011 Martian Manhunter fan art by Tayne Preno

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"Another recreation. I loved this artwork and wanted to mimic it as best I could. The corner of his cape got cut off by the edge of the paper."
Sorry for another late art post and probably the first Wednesday I haven't done a personal commission write-up in months. Between my wacky work schedule and watching the chest-puffing exhibition between Governor Womanbinder and President Secret Martian Past, the blog gave. Here's a fan piece featuring the nice Alan Davis costume tweak that popped up here and there in Elseworlds a decade or so back. Who here would gladly trade in Before Watchmen and The Dark Knight Strikes Again for some Elseworlds? Anyway, I don't immediately recognize the reference being lifted, so you can chime in on that, as well. Jan Duursema, maybe?


mathematicscore said...

I'm pretty sure this is from JLA the Nail.

Anj said...

Hmm ... looked like Howard Porter to me although that is a guess.

Are you getting any Before Watchmen? I am tepidly enjoying Silk Spectre. I wanted very much to like Minutmen and there are some nice moments in there. But there is also a lot of retconning of characters which don't jibe 100% with the Watchmen story.

Diabolu Frank said...

The suit is definitely Davis, but the style definitely is not.

I've read most of the BW first issues, and none have been worth a damn. The art has been defensible (Jae Lee) to fantastic (Lee Bermejo) but the stories have been rancid tripe.