Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Jornadas Internacionales del Cómic Villa de Avilés Martian Manhunter head sketch by Javier Pina

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I wasn't aware that Spanish artist Javier Pina had drawn most of the Kate Spencer Manhunter comics, including appearances by DEO agent Cameron Chase and her nemesis Doctor Trap. I also hadn't realized Pina was responsible for the excellent Suicide Squad: From the Ashes mini-series, although the superior inks of the long underrated Robin Riggs surely helped. I like how this is both old school comics classicist and alienated minimalist. Good show.


Future Guy said...

Heyo. I've started a MM gallery on Pinterest, if it's of any interest
Keep up the good work ;)

mathematicscore said...

Yeah, this rocks. J'onn in a beatific, zen mode.

Diabolu Frank said...

Thanks, Future Guy!

LissBirds said...

Something really alien and just a bit unsettling makes this a really awesome look for J'onn. There's a lot going on here despite its simplicity, which is quite the artistic feat. I really like it. I'm getting a bit of a regal vibe from it, too, which is fitting.