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2011 “Z'Onn Z'Orr: Triumph” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: Z'Onn Z'Orr: Triumph 4-28-11

At the Super Buddies message board, there's a user under the handle "NightwingTAS" who builds digital figure models off the Bruce Timm DC Animated Series template for further fan fiction adventures of his own devising. Number 6 in the "Z'Onn "Z'Orr" series, here's his take on Triumph...

The Yellow Martian Race is one that few know of. The Yellow Martians require a bonding with another sentient being, usually a Green Martian, and rarely a White Martian. The Bonding allows the Yellow Martian to develope a persona based on their donor, but over the years they grow into a unique individual of their own.

Years ago a woman gave birth at home to a young baby boy, Michael Gallent. The mother had her nanny act as a midwife, and what she didn't know was that she was actually a Yellow Martian who was stranded on Earth, she had recently given birth herself to her son and done something that isn't normally done she used her telepathy to merge the two babies minds. She forced her infant into a human guise so not to cause trouble the Midwife told the young mother she had given birth to twins and allowed the woman to raise her son as her own. The Nanny was later captured by the US Government and kept locked up for research and experiements.

Michael and Lance grew up with a tight bond, years of being in the human guise led Lance to actually believe he was human, never knowing his true parentage. The "Twins were identical right down to the "T" Shaped birthmark on their left wrists. The two grew up and joined the Air Force as a pilot and while landing his plane, the hanger he enter blew up due to an act of sabotage. Lance ran to his brother and heard his last words telling his brother that it was sabotage. Not knowing it Lance reached out telepathically and absorbed his brother's thoughts leaving the dying body mindless.

Lance had created a seperate place in his mind for his brother Michael to reside, a spot that had remained dormant since his own birth. The two would share a mind and Lance while mourning his brother touched his birthmark and his brother appeared to him, Lance thought he was a ghost, Michael told his brother that they possessed great powers together. All he had to do was touch the birthmark to summon Michael and activate their powers. Lance and Michael merged and formed a hero they named Triumph.

The two operated as Triumph unaware of their true lineage until the Martian Mahunter freed their mother from the holding cell she had been in for years and just before she died she reached out to J'onn telepathically showing him the story of her son up until her capture. J'onn vowed to the woman that he would find her son and share with him his true nature as she had planned on doing years ago. J'onn found Lance and shared with him the truth of his birthright as a yellow Martian, and unlocked his shapeshifting powers and Lance reverted to a form he had not taken since he was a newborn, that of a Yellow Martian. Lance decided to keep his Human appearance and keep the identity of Triumph.

On further reading, this had absolutely nothing to do with the Will MacIntyre Triumph that J'Onn used as a punching bag, and everything to do with revamping Quality Comics' Captain Triumph. I think all this Yellow Martian business was derived from a reverse engineering of the Faceless Hunters of Saturn, based on comments from the message board. I don't believe the artist was aware that there is an actual Yellow Martian, B'rett, who I cannot see being conceived through the means described here. I've got my own pet theory about that, but while you folks wait to hear it, check out the second image of Triumph in human form.

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will_in_chicago said...

I suspect that the artist is unaware of Yellow Martians in J'Onn's background. The character has an interesting (if lifted) story. At least it is not based on Triumph the Insult Dog. (The DC character Triumph was an example of a hero gone bad who came across as a jerk.)