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2011 “Z'Onn Z'Orr: Wonder Twins” animation-style fan fiction by N:TAS

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N:TAS DCU: Z'Onn Z'Orr: Wonder Twins 5-16-11

At the Super Buddies message board, there's a user under the handle "NightwingTAS" who builds digital figure models off the Bruce Timm DC Animated Series template for further fan fiction adventures of his own devising. Number 7 in the "Z'Onn "Z'Orr" series, here's his take on the Wonder Twins...

Zan and Jayna are Exorian metas, genetic throwbacks to an ancient race of Exorian shapeshifters. Their parents died when they were still babies during a plague, and, because of their origin, no Exorians wanted to adopt them. They ended up adopted by a slaver runner who posed as the owner of a Space Circus, who only wanted to use them. Fortunately, there was a fellow slave who took the young twins under his wing and raised them. He also gave them Gleek as a pet.

Eventually, as teens, the pair managed to escape the slave runner and ended up on Earth where they were found and captured by the government. J'onn discovered the twins when he freed the Martians and took the twins in helping them to adapt to life on Earth. He helped them with their transformation powers, helping Jayna to perfect her powers, and help Zan to go from simple water constructs to being able to transform into any form of liquid including an Ice Golem. With the help of Oracle, and one of his secret identities as Professor Carter Nichols, J'onn set them up as transfer students from Sweeden named Johan and Johanna Fleming. Zan wore a blonde wig, while Jayna used her powers to transform into a human to changer her hair color and ear shape to all them to fit in as they attend Gotham City High School. Given their powers the two took codenames that fit their abilities with Zan taking Downpour and Jayna Shifter.

Yeah, no. I draw the line here. Shapeshifter plus Alien does not equal Martian Manhunter Family. In fact, it offends me, since the Martian Manhunter was never a Super Friend like these two jokers. Zan and Jayna entered mainstream comics through Extreme Justice, not the JLTF, so let them screw off with Maxima or something. This reminds me of Scipio's Martian Manhunter Dynasty, where the fic hit the uck by shoehorning leftovers like Aruna and Nathaniel Dusk, who'd never even met J'Onn J'Onzz, under the slightest of pretenses. Where's Zook? Where's Gypsy? Frank is getting upset!

Anyway, it's the thought that counts, and I do appreciate NightwingTAS putting such an effort into these pieces. For instance, there are six Wonder Twin pictures available, including solos and duos for Zan and Jayna in two different outfits.

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will_in_chicago said...

Do I think that J'Onn would help out the Wonder Twins and make sure that they can have a decent life on Earth? Absolutely, as the Martian does look out for the innocent, particularly young people. However, I don't think that they make a good fit for his larger family. Maybe as friends of some of the younger members who can be referred to or do a cameo every now and then. However, I can think of many characters who would be a better fit for the Alien Atlas. Besides, why would J'Onn send them to Gotham when that really is not his city?