Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 “We Can Be Heroes - Edited and rerostered” by “theDisappointment”

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"DC banner for the We Can Be Heroes charity campaign started in 2012, edited to include some additional JL favourites. Silhouettes based mostly on the art of Jim Lee and David Finch.

I started this one a while back, but it took me longer to finish than I expected. I tried to keep as true to the New 52 costumes as I could. With the obvious exception being Hawkgirl, because I'm not too fond of her new, blue Earth 2 look. Mostly because of the Helmet."


will_in_chicago said...

With Trinity War starting up, I doubt that we will see J'Onn in a friednly pose with Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman any time soon. (Still wondering what they will reveal about J'Onn's previous interaction with the Justice League.)

Diabolu Frank said...

Well technically, the Martian Manhunter is sandwiched between Diana and Dinah. LL Cool J'Onn.

I love this minimalist approach, and while I wish that virtually any other artist but Dave Finch had been chosen for the pattern (funky head, awkward pose, stupid logo variation,) it still highlights the strengths of the New 52 Piccolo design. Also, the weakness of Black Canary's. Can we get Brian Bolland on that?

Given the tight space Trinity War is being given, I wouldn't count on any Martian Manhunter revelations. More likely just allusions, for now.