Friday, September 4, 2020

2016 ComicsAlliance 10 Greatest Justice League Villains - Rogues' Gallery video

Did you know ComicsAlliance came back after a 2+ year absence? They got bought out and shuttered in April of 2017, but have been putting out sporadic (and seemingly redundant) comics media pieces for over half a year now. They went dark again a month ago, and it seems like there was just the one lady posting stuff, but they've still got the archives up.

In late 2016, the site ran a readers poll for Who Is The Justice League's Ultimate Enemy, which then got converted to the embedded video above. The White Martians were first up at #9, and Despero made #6. J'Onn has probably fought all of those guys at various points, but I figured to highlight the most Manhunter-specific ones. Surprising the Martians rated so high, but there's lingering affection for the JLA days, with another new omnibus edition coming soon.

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