Saturday, September 5, 2020

2017's Top 10 Greatest Justice League Villains video

Along the same lines as yesterday's video, lords of the countdown Watch Mojo dropped their own JLA rogues list. Despero only reached #9 on this more media-inclusive ranking (ComicsAlliance's was true to their name in favoring comic books exclusively.) I'm glad that he beat the Injustice League, a true joke of a concept. These guys date back to the JLI days, comprised of members that would go on to form Justice League Antarctica for one gas of an annual, and got killed in the first issue of the 2001 Suicide Squad volume everybody forgets happened. "Injustice League" is so basic and on the nose. Between the Crime Syndicate of America, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, and the Legion of Doom, do we really need any more analogous JLA oppositional teams?

Vandal Savage made it to #3, which is more aspirational than factual. The whole point of his use in JLA: Year One was to act as a bridge from the Justice Society's retirement into the birth of the Justice League. I love the guy, but he's just not League caliber in raw power and ability. His great shining moment in that arena was Justice League: Doom, where he was just a stand-in for Raʼs al-Ghūl using stolen plans crafted by Batman that were executed by a Substitute Legion of Doom (shout-out to Malefic's sole multimedia excursion! Also, I obviously stopped watching Supergirl in season two!)

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