Saturday, December 10, 2011

1997 Total Justice in Total Teamwork Coloring Book: Secret Find

"The Pyramid of the Sun, in Teotihuacán, is one of the largest in Mexico."

Yes, this is the third page of Despero digging. No, he's not even done yet.


For a nice piece of J'Onn J'Onzz art, check out Michael Walsh's tumblr.


mathematicscore said...

Despero as lackey sits super wrong with me. That Mike Walsh piece is of the proverbial chain though.

Diabolu Frank said...

Any time I see Despero or Mongul in a subservient position, I just shake my head. Point missed and the bus rolls on past the kill.

For a second there, I was like "How'd you tell the different styles of the coloring book from one another?" Speaking of which, there's a color version of the Walsh piece I'll eventually swipe and post here. Then again, I kind of think the contrast looks better without it...

stephenCollines said...

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