Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1997 Total Justice in Total Teamwork Coloring Book: Squash the Bug

"Who has the Ultimate Weapon? Starting with the Total Justice team, follow the maze through the jungle to find where the Ultimate Weapon really is. But don't tell Darkseid or Despero!

Unscramble the clue: SPRGRLIUE HDI TI NI A ERET!"

I don't care much about sales on modern comics, but so many of my fellow members of the Justice League Blogosphere have been playing Chicken Little with November's sales numbers amongst the New 52, I wanted to take a look. Firestorm dropped 10K and 24 places in rank. Hawkman dumped about seven thousand readers and fell twenty spaces. Supergirl shed 17% of sales to the tune of about ten thousand copies and ten places in rank. That might seem worrisome. except that most of these books were selling in the twenty thousands before the reboot, but this month's #1 book, Justice League, hemorrhaged 22,000 copies, Batman about the same, The Flash 24K, and so on. The majority of the New 52 dropped ten thousand copies each, which can be chalked up to predictable attrition as the hoopla dies down.

As Martian Manhunter fans, our collective taste is divergent from the norm. Despite our lukewarm reception to that team book he shares with entirely too many people, STORMWATCH dropped about 17%, a respectable hold, but not far removed from other titles*. Here are the initial order numbers and ranking for each issue in the top 300 comics sold in their respective months...

STORMWATCH #1: 46,397 copies, Rank #45
STORMWATCH #2: 47,520 copies, Rank #44
STORMWATCH #3: 39,262 copies, Rank #56

*I had different numbers here at midnight, but even at 4 in the morning, my math isn't so bad that I couldn't see they were gobbledygook.

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