Sunday, June 16, 2013

2012 “Martian Manhunter #1” fan art by Andy Kapellusch

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"Oh No! Here's a mock MM cover for my redesigns at !!! Colured by Lil' Luke Fairhead , Penciled and Inked by me, with a shout out to Diabolu Idol-Head !!!"
Dig that rare hopeful image at the dawn of a series! Andy and I are both regular listeners and occasional contributors to the Fire & Water Podcast. He was going to do a whole fanfic reboot for the Alien Atlas, and I even have some work he sent me in progress. The project slipped out of my field of vision, and apparently Kapellusch already published and then lost an internet home for it without my catching on. Obviously, all of those images would be welcome here, but in the meantime here's some pics from "Justice League Underground, which I know nothing about.

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