Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2012 Martian Manhunter in “Pixar Invades The Marvel & DC Comics Universe!” by Phil Postma

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"This project started after the announcement of Disney buying Marvel comics and all the the fans started making Pixar / Avengers images. Well I was not terribly happy with the images that they were doing, so I tried to do better. ( Most of what I saw was recoloured images from "The Incredibles" movie screen grabs )

Mainly, this was just another way to better know Photoshop and I used the same rules as when I did those "Star Wars" posters. Just collected a lot of images using Google, cut and pasted them together, and this is what you get. I put them in a format that makes them look like those movie & comic trading cards I use to collect as a kid.

Hope you enjoy."
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