Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 “The Triumvirate of Thallasus” jam commission by Dominike Stanton, Jerry Gaylord & Bryan Turner

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I'm not going to make a joke about Triumph being drawn by a Gaylord...
“A crazy idea I had following the post Flashpoint DC. We glimpsed how Darkseid and the evil New Gods attacked universes in the Multiverse as evidenced in Earth 2 and Justice League and I though for a bit what if there was a world where the New Gods found themselves outgunned? We've already seen universes with the Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman multiple times so what about a world where the three didn't exist and were never supposed to? We thus arrive to this odd idea I had of the three greatest heroes who never were of the DCU.

I thought it'd be fun to get my alternate Trinity or Triumvirate together at NYCC and figured a group of artists who work together would be ideal. I previously got a piece drawn by Penelope Gaylord so I asked her three compatriots from ID Comics to draw the Triumvirate.

Bryan Turner- Moon Maiden
Dominike Stanton-Regal
Jerry Gaylord- Triumph

Each has been a hero that in DC either retconned in as a past member of the Justice League or as ultimate could have been hero as Regal was so the three teaming up bubbled in my mind. They each share characteristics to the regular Trinity but in different ways in my mind. Triumph is something of a Superman/Batman being a great hero and strategist, Moon Maiden is something of a genius and magical creation ala a Batman Wonderwoman and Regal is a force of change and compassion as a Superman Wonderwoman in a way. I've thought of some ideas on how they could be launched as a group but of course not working for DC I know it'll never happen but would be one heck of a what if for me. And lastly Thallasus I chose as the name of their universe's Earth as it comes from the Greek word for ocean and Earth is a predominately watery world.”


mathematicscore said...

Awesome. I seriously love stuff like this.

mathematicscore said...

I'm not sure who Regal is; neither is comicvine, apparently.

mathematicscore said...

Found the lead.