Thursday, November 1, 2012

Suiting the Sleuth From Outer Space #2

I'd originally planned to do more of a change-up from #1 in this series, but I let yesterday's Halloween post run long. Better to give short shrift to a costume evolution on the boring side. The color scheme and overall design are exactly the same from the neck down, although I did retrace the muscles, because I didn't have sense enough to do it once and just make copies of that. Also lacked the brains to use a better copier, or grasp the concept of contrast. But hey, give me a break, running a comic shop was not the most profitable enterprise, and I probably didn't even have transportation at the time. Anyway, this version has a folded down collar and no headpiece. It looks more like the J'Onn we know, but it also further undermines the strengths of the basic Bloodwynd design. I do like how the white and green play off each other though, and Geoff Johns must have as well, since that ended up becoming Miss Martian's color scheme. Well, on her good costume.

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