Saturday, September 17, 2016

2013 B'rett Comicpalooza Commission by Johnny J. Segura III

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When I first met Johnny Segura at the 2012 Comicpalooza, he burned through a hot streak of fantastic commissions with Scorch, Professor Arnold Hugo, and L'lex Xanadar, leader of the Devil Men of Pluto, and he followed up in 2013 with Miss Martian. I was a bit surprised when he got experimental with B'rett, but I had been pushing it with the uniformity of the other pieces, so I can appreciate his wanting to try something different. For starters, we shift to a landscape, allowing the yellow Martian to swing wide with his gun arm for a gangster pose, complete with hand wrap. I tend to see B'rett as something of an old west sidewinder who'd shoot you in the back if you looked like future trouble, so this would qualify as a more contemporary take on that type. With a pronounced scowl, he demands in a word balloon "Ya lookin' at me, TOOTS?!?" Perhaps he was addressing M'gann M'orzz and that Kawaii thing she's doing with her eye in that year's earlier commission? Speaking of the newest super-heroine being adapted to television this year on the CW network, is it just me, or does B'rett's cape kind of look like the promotional poster for Supergirl season 2?

Johnny Segura 3rd

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