Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Top 5 Triumph Covers

5) Justice League Task Force #0 (October, 1994)

Though not exactly the founding line-up of the JLA, Triumph is at the forefront of a decent team, and well rendered.

4) Triumph #1 (June, 1995)

The anatomy is dubious, but for its time, not a bad debut cover.

3) Justice League International #68 (September, 1994)

A hero punching a guy's head off would be more remarkable if it registered at all, beyond "badly dressed hero versus gloop aliens."

2) Justice League America #92 (September, 1994)

The life Triumph should have lived, according to his own mind. White, blond, male-- was there a single contribution Will could have made to this team's diversity? Well yes, one, but he was never outed in a canonical publication.

1) Triumph #3 (August, 1995)

Slick, handsome, powerful, and slowly swallowed up by the shadows.

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will_in_chicago said...

Triumph is a good example of a tragic hero becoming a villain. I think that there is room for such a story in the DCnU. (I suppose going the Macbeth route might work. We can see someone set up as a hero and fall into darkness. Maybe leave out the nagging spouse.)