Friday, June 19, 2015

Podcast: Justice League Mortal (2007)

Episode #11

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A brief discussion of the unproduced JLA movie from the late aughts and a planned documentary chronicling its ill-fated course.

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Anj said...

Hurrah! Glad to see this podcast return.

This possible movie sounds so much better than what is happening in the DCU cinema right now. I have to figure this stuff is resurfacing a bit now because of the new Mad Max film (which I havent seen).

Are movies advanced enough for J'Onn on screen. I suppose Gollum, Ultron, and even the shots of the Thing in the next FF movie make me think we are closer. I would move away from prosthetics or masks completely.

Lastly, I keep hoping that J'onn will somehow make an appearance on the Supergirl show.