Monday, August 31, 2015

Podcast: Martian Manhunter #2 (2015)

Episode #13

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At the start of a month long concentration of podcasts & posts related to the celebration of the debut of the Manhunter from Mars in September of 1955, Frank summarizes and critiques the second issue of the New 52/DC You Martian Manhunter series by Rob Williams and Eddy Barrows! Before that though, we look at the sales numbers available on this series to date, and compare them to Cyborg #1, which is also discussed in some detail. Finally, Martian Mail, which was rich this month.

We enjoy dialogue on the red planet, so here are our non-telepathic contact options:

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Anj said...

Glad to hear that this book is appealing to you more. Issue #3 was a 'make or break' for me and it roped me in. Now the somewhat scattershot first two issues make way more sense.

I also keep hoping that Martians appear in the Supergirl show.