Monday, March 14, 2016

2013 Vulkor, the Capsule Master Space City Con Commission by Josh C Lyman

As I held back art commissions for the Martian Manhunter's sixtieth anniversary celebration and became increasingly less productive working on this blog, pieces like this one by Josh C Lyman have collected dust for 2½ years when they should have gotten the exposure while blogging was still a thing that was helpful to anybody. He'd previously produced a Chibi-ish Thythen for me as well, at a very agreeable price (that again, probably isn't applicable a quarter decade on, but nice of him at the time.) This is a cool piece in the artist's more realistic style, and has quietly served as Vulkor's sidbar icon for some time. I've included my totally basic coloring job below. You can read up on The Capsule Master if you're so inclined, and here are some more resources related to the artist...

Josh C Lyman

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