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Silver Age 80-Page Giant #1 (July, 2000)

Since Green Lantern Hal Jordan had managed to restore the Justice League of America to their own bodies, the heroes now had to deal with the repercussions of Batman's plan to smear their name while villains possessed their forms. Worse, the crooks had disabled the entire Green Lantern Corps while employing the combined might of the Oan central power battery, the Absorbascon, and a prismatic jewel from Krypton. With this assortment, they knew everything that took place on Earth, including the secret identities of the super-heroes and the whereabouts of their loved ones. The heroes tried to gather their friends for safety, including Policewoman Diane Meade, at the hidden Gorilla City.

On the streets of Moscow, the Russian Army tried to capture Martian Manhunter and the Flash to prevent their presumed plot to conquer the planet. Within the Kremlin, the country's leaders had been de-aged to childhood by a newly empowered Chronos. J'Onn J'Onzz and other heroes burst in to combat the fiends, but Mr. Element doused him in napalm. Gardener Grayle and the Metal Men sacrificed the last of their power to rescue the Alien Atlas, who in turn saved the Scarlet Speedster from a temporal trap. Yet, the heroes lost more than they gained, down seven comrades to temporarily drive out two foes.

More heroes faltered, until only eight remained. An off-hand comment by Green Arrow made Martian Manhunter think of Robby Reed and his H-Dial, but he couldn't share his idea with his fellows. While J'Onn shielded his mind against the Absorbascon, the League went on a suicide mission to the lair of Lex Luthor in Metropolis. When they were on the verge of defeat, the Alien Atlas returned to attack the Injustice League. This was actually a distraction play, as Robby Reed quietly guided the fallen heroes' fingers to employ his H-Dial. Each JLAer became a temporary new hero unfamiliar to the villains, and between the element of surprise and teamwork, the day went to the good.

J'Onn became the teleporting Go-Go, very necessary when Agamemno suddenly returned, embodied in the artifacts. Although Thanagarian Hawkmen and a restored Green Lantern Corps played important roles, Go-Go ripping the Absorbascon and Kryptonian jewel out of Agamemno surely contributed mightily. The Corps used the Absorbascon to erase the heroes' secrets from the minds of their friends and foils. Agamemno was taken prisoner by the GLC, and Robby thanked J'Onn for letting him play in the leagues, at least once. However, it was hinted that Robby would get one more chance in an as yet untold story.

"S.O.S. to Nowhere!" was by Mark Waid & Eduardo Barreto.

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