Sunday, October 27, 2019

2013 Korge, the Last Angry God Commission by Mark Nasso

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Mark Nasso turns up at most of the local Houston cons, and I've been getting commissions from him since Fernus the Burning Martian back in 2012 (which has since become one of his staple prints.) His misfortune is that I've gotten so many pieces from him for so many projects in development that I have a nasty tendency to sit on his pieces for years (and years and years) instead of getting them online.

Nasso doesn't always do commissions at shows, so today's piece was a take-home job. Based on his creator owned book Land of the Rats, you can see that Nasso is good at giant muscular monsters. Martian Manhunter has a fair few of those in his rogues gallery, and I felt like Korge would be a good fit. Nasso is one of the most conscientious and professional artists that I've worked with, and freed from the constraints of a convention, he actually offered me multiple thumbnail sketches to see where I'd like to go with the piece. I felt like an editor!

The first year I started getting commissions, I got a bust from a then-big name artist because I a) didn't have much money and b) didn't know how frustrating it would be to not see the character fully realized. As a result, I rarely get headshots or busts, which nixed Nasso's first proposal. I favored the second full-figure shot, while he liked the third's establishing Korge's scale.

We ended up with a hybrid of the latter two, which was a win for me, since I got the bonus appearances of the Alien Atlas and Man of Steel!

Mark Nasso

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