Thursday, June 3, 2010

DC Bloodlines

Speaking of failures, I had that multi-blog crossover four months back where I did a faceplant and vowed to finish massive segments (which remain untouched.) Much of that involved an "interactive story" that I needed discrete space for, so I built a side blog specifically for that purpose. I was already sick of the "DC Challenge" name from the event, and wanted to dub this other blog something I could get some mileage out of after everything was said and done. Thus was born DC Bloodlines, which is my official blog for all DC stuff not already covered by my previous ventures. I explain a lot of this, like why I would name a blog after one of the most universally panned crossovers ever (foresight?) in the official opening post, Outbreak. However, it should be easy to see that isn't the actual first post, since for instance there's an entire interactive story by our frequent commentator and Comics Make Me Happy! maven Lissbirds, which you can find a directory of here. The blog had four contributors from the beginning to facilitate aspects of the crossover that never came to fruition, and over the holiday, I sent out invitations to a host of people I thought could have some fun with blog space. Now, it's also their blog for whatever DC stuff they haven't fit elsewhere.

The first person to take a swing is Tom Hartley, famed here for his Martian Manhunter Archives series, of which he previewed/announced a return to Archives Mock-Up Madness (along with a JLI edition.) He's also suggested the Top 98 Sugar & Spike Covers and asked Why hasn't anyone ever set the Bizarro Code to music?

I have a number of ideas for DC Bloodlines, including making it a link hub for comic bloggers the way sites like Newsarama organize their articles. You can see that in the Direct Currents segments. I also plan the types of quality posts I used to manage here about the more under-appreciated characters in the DCU, like Steel, Lady Shiva, Captain Comet and a great many more. I hope to see more posts from my fellow contributors, and perhaps some of you reading this would like to share with the class? Drop me a comment, and perhaps we can work something out...


Tom Hartley said...

As research for my next Martian Manhunter Archives intro, I'm going to read the early issues of JLI. I was a sporadic reader of this title when it was originally published, and I no longer have my back issues, so I've ordered the four JLI tpbs that DC has published so far, reprinting the first 30 issues. Maybe I'll write some JLI articles for the Bloodlines blog. The tpbs I've ordered will probably arrive next week, so if I write anything, it will be next week or the week after next.

Diabolu Frank said...