Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Etsy Martian Manhunter Coasters by Apocalypse Fabrication

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Jason and Katie Lister run Apocalypse Fabrication, an Etsy store and "CNC metal cutting and fabrication shop located in California." A set of four Martian Mixcoasters will set you back $47.00 American.
“This set of four 4" Martian Manhunter coasters comes with green .050" thick felt backings to protect your furniture and add some character.

The set is made from 3/16” thick, Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, giving each one some weight and a sturdy feeling. The stainless material also fights rust and corrosion. They are truly built to survive.

The color of them varies with the light due to the finishing process and the reflective properties of the metal.

Our coasters are cut in our garage using a CNC Plasma; this is truly a homemade product! This process provides relatively repeatable cut quality. However, it has some limitations, as well. The cuts will have a small divot. The divot is an inherent aspect of the plasma cutting process. When the plasma flame cuts the metal it travels in an arc. You are seeing the transition from a travelling torch head to a stop in the cut. We try with our machine settings to make it as minimal as possible, but it is going to happen.

Following the cut process; each coaster is hand ground so the finish will vary with each coaster and set. We add a coating of automotive carnauba wax to seal the coasters. If you wish the finish to stay the same over time; we suggest waxing them periodically to keep the elements at bay.

The coasters are not dishwasher safe.”

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LissBirds said...

That is so cool!! I never thought to look on Etsy for Martian Manhunter stuff. I try to actively avoid Etsy because I would have no money after just a few hours of browsing. Too many interesting things there.