Thursday, February 13, 2020

2014 Patrolwoman Sally Winters Comicpalooza Jam Sketch Detail by Terry Parr

When a blogging schedule is as erratic as mine has been for years now, "late" is a relative term. That said, I missed my self-imposed Monday deadline for this post as another casualty of "I got way too many small inexpensive jam commissions just as my interest in blogging was fading and I can't find the artist's business card years later." Knowing I'd have to do some detective work on the "T. Parr" signature and (surprisingly given the scope) a The Marvel Handbook podcast's completion within reach, welcome to the back burner.

At least Valentine's Day kept the burner lit though, as it continued to inspire me to spotlight one of John Jones' lady friends. Well, more of a professional acquaintance really, but he's not exactly a D'onn W'ahnn, is he? Anyway, I really enjoyed Parr's take on the character, conveying her attitude well through body posture and facial expression. I'm not going to name names here, but there was one character I have a lot more of an investment in commissioned for the jam that in retrospect I wished I'd handed to this artist instead. Then again, if this is Sally Winters' only opportunity to strut in the nearly sixty years since her co-creator drew her in a single appearance, I'm glad she had a good Parrtner (forgive me?)

Terry Parr

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