Thursday, January 28, 2010

1995 Skybox DC Villains: The Dark Judgment Doomsday Trading Card #88

Unlike many of the villains who've filled out this month, I've already inducted Doomsday into the Vile Menagerie. That's the tough part-- writing the comprehensive biography. Everything else comes more easily, so of course, only 20% of you want to read any more about him according to our still running poll. No, you guys want me to bust my hump on all new entries.

Also, it's quite possible some of you feel I've overstepped some boundary. Of course Doomsday is far more of a Superman foe. I wouldn't argue otherwise. However, if you look at the percentage of Doomsday appearances that include Martian Manhunter or a proxy of same, you'll realize these guys cross paths way too regularly to not rate examination. Just on this blog, I've covered their meetings in Superman: The Doomsday Wars (1998), Our Worlds At War In A Nutshell (2001), and Action Comics #821-824 (2005). Plus, remember all that speculation about Doomsday's true first appearance during all that Death and Return of Superman hullabaloo? Wizard Magazine totally missed this prospect.

Still not convinced? Well, Bloodwynd was on hand for those earliest appearances in Adventures of Superman #497 (December 1992), Superman #74, and Justice League America #69. As for the full-on, except no substitutes Manhunter from Mars? I can't believe I still haven't gotten around to their biggest battle in Superman #175 (December 2001). I'm pretty sure I wrote a synopsis for it, but it got lost in a drive crash.

Anyhow, you might say that's still a pretty flimsy argument, to which I'd say, is the Human Flame a Manhunter foe? How many battles have they had? I see you've still got most of the fingers left on that one hand, pal.

Okay, okay. If nothing else will distract you, check out this Doomsday trading card art, which could understandably be mistaken for a 70s sci-fi paperback cover. I kid, and I do enjoy Joe Devito's work. Check out his site.


LissBirds said...

I'm still waiting for the Human Squirrel to be inducted into the Vile Menagerie. I mean, he's got all of six votes. Who needs a little pansy like Doomsday when you can have the Human Squirrel?

mathematicscore said...

While he wouldn't have made a short list, I agree with your arguments. In fact, most of my other media plans for Manhunter would involve some serious Doomsday ownage, and not just for vengeance on this serial Manhunter jobber. I think Doomsday is a good short hand for the physically unstoppable foe, so I would favor him as a good "warm up" villian for a JLA movie. Say with Superman taking(and giving) his lumps before the JLA shows up and takes Doomsday to school. I see MM and Flash showing up, Flash distracting him while Manhunter physically staggers him, and then is staggered. Quickly realizing a slugfest is a losing proposition, two extra arms, a phase into position and a submission hold. Pain only fuels Doomsie, but by now your GL of choice has shown up, magic bubble, drag into space, handshakes all around.
You see, I really like Doomsday. He's cool looking, has a pretty cool origin, and I rather like the idea that everybody is afraid of him, because he doesn't stop and doesn't stay dead.
That said, since he can't fly, and in my quasi scientific interpretation of DCU biology, shouldn't be developing energy manipulation any time soon, he should be reasonably easy to defeat for our heroes. He doesn't have a anyway around J'onn's phasing, he can't break Diana's lasso, the Flash's speed manipulation would even make him pretty effective against the beast. Aquaman, while in my estimation is tough as nails, would't last very long without improvising, but as a group would be useful. And Green Lantern, by virtue of removing D-day's leverage via will powered suspension in peanut butter, is probably the most effective of all, short of Dr. Fate magicing him the hell out of existence.
Which brings me to a larger point that Superman should have no real problems with him since he could literally fly him into space. Martian Manhunter should be even more effective since he can avoid being hit most of the time.
A cool looking, fun villian, who causes a lot of destruction, and should not be taken lightly? Yep. Winning most every fight against anybody who's not Superman? No sir, I do not like it.
And dead on about the 70's scifi paperback. I can dig it.

Diabolu Frank said...

Jeph Loeb really lowered the bar on Doomsday, and Chuck Austen didn't help, so I expect Doomsday will eventrually find his way onto an Injustice Gang or some such.

I think Doomsday can hit an immaterial Manhunter. Something about Doomsday's hyper-density leaving no room for Manhunter's molecules to pass through. Coupled with Doomsday's general lack of recognizabl.e internal organs, I believe he's also immune to phasing. However, his increasing intellect and emotional awareness indicates he would now be more vulnerable to psychic attack.

I agree that Doomsday is a good Juggernaut-type with a nifty origin. I like him okay.

mathematicscore said...

Hyper density, huh? You may have something there. I'm not a big fan of telepathy beyond communication, but I can see that too. Good call on that house of mystery 150... totally Doomsday.