Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Top 5 Miss Martian Covers

I was trying to think of characters from the Martian Manhunter Dynasty that I'd missed doing a cover countdown for, and Miss Martian came to mind. Since there aren't a lot of women operating under J'Onn's aegis (and Gypsy already got covered at Justice League Detroit, this seemed like the best time to link all my blogs in a Super-Heroine countdown weekend!

5) Tiny Titans #9 (December, 2008)

4) DC Special: Cyborg #2 (August, 2008)

3) Tiny Titans #26 (May, 2010)

2) Teen Titans #58 (June, 2008)

1) Teen Titans #40 (December, 2006)

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Aaron said...

I have a feeling I'd love Tiny Titans but I have not read any thus far.

LissBirds said...

Does anyone really think kids get any of the in-jokes featured on Tiny Titans covers?

I haven't read it either, but I bet I'd like it.