Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Martian Manhunter Color Head Sketch by Jason Ho

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Jason Ho works at Bongo Comics and runs an art blog called "Oh Snap! The Friggin Amazing J.Ho Sketchblog..." Just bothering to do a nice J'Onn J'Onzz headshot is reason enough to get notice here, but as I learned from an article at Comics Alliance, Ho has also volunteered for a very worthy cause.

The short version is that following the rape of a 16 year old cheerleader by a star athlete, the school and local government tried to shut her up. They actually tried to force her to cheer for her assailant at games. She didn't, got kicked off the team, went to court, and ended up counter-sued for $45,000. Ho is doling out head sketches in exchange for a $20 contribution to her cause. I blew too much money at Comicpalooza, but I'm going to try to pull together some scratch, and hope you folks will do the same. Full details on getting a commission are here, but you can just donate directly by hitting a button to the upper right of the page.


aota said...

Great cause!

We have a Martian sighting in the new DC Universe.

mathematicscore said...

YOWZA. Not sure how I feel about another costume change, but at least the Pie is back. Also, I rather like the Authority and won't mind seeing J'onn playing with them in a sandbox, especially if Paul Cornell pulls it out. That said, the MM solo title seems less likely on that news.

Durn it.

Diabolu Frank said...

I never really got into Stormwatch. I was a WildC.A.T.s fan who sampled a lot of Wildstorm product, and read most of the same The Authority issues as everyone else.