Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meanwhile, at DC Bloodlines...

Okay folks, it's been two long hard weeks of press coverage and commentary, finally wrapping with the fate of the Manhunter from Mars. Saturday seems like a good time to kick back here and promote the excellent work folks like Anj of Supergirl Comic Box Commentary and Luke of Being Carter Hall have been doing at our group blog DC Bloodlines in recent months.

Taking to heart the blog's tendency to go deep into both the canonical and publishing history of the DC Universe, Anj has gone after Stalker #1 and Stalker #2, following the journey of a great warrior in search of the soul he sold to a demon in exchange for his prowess. Stalker appeared a few years back in a Wonder Woman story arc, and Anj covers the lot with his patented hi-res scans and candid commentary. Speaking of the Amazing Amazon, Anj also indulged some Ramblings on Wonder Woman and a Review: JMS' Wonder Woman #600 a while back. In the coming weeks, he'll also look at the bizarro '70s epic Beowulf, so keep an eye out.

Luke decided to take a good long look at Freight Train -- The Lost Bloodline, zeroing in on the New Bloods folks like us have an inexplicable affection for. The blog is of course named for an early '90s DC crossover in which the victims of alien attacks developed super-powers, introducing dozens of new characters over one summer that have since fallen off the face of the Earth (or been killed off in sensational fashion.) Even though I'm into New Bloods, I kind of hate the Outsiders, so Luke schooled me on this guy. Obscure, alternative flavors of heroes worthy of attention are a big part of what the blog's about, and Luke hits it home with his post. Check it out!

As for myself, I've decided to dabble in one of DC's futures, both The World To Come of Jack Kirby's 1970s experiment with the One Man Army Core, and the subject of DC's literal future in a September #1 launch by Dan Didio & Keith Giffen. Between character bios and issue synopsizes, you can Thank God It's OMAC every Friday until the relaunch, starting with stroking that fine mohawk below...

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