Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Bob Michaels

While serving a little publicized term for an unrevealed crime, Big Bob Michaels developed into a remarkable pitcher on the prison baseball team. Following his release, Michaels joined a minor league ball club, until the majors came calling. Michaels signed with the Flamingos, but they weren't the only ones with Michaels' number, as criminals attempted to extort a sour performance out of him during a match against the Wonders. "Lose the game, and you'll get a lot of dough," or win and have his dark past revealed to the fans. Michaels refused to play along, but the stress adversely affected his performance, which was compensated for through the mind-over-matter powers of guardian angel Middletown Police Detective John Jones. The blackmailers were arrested by same, after an "assisted" home run for Michaels won the previously 0-0 game. Appeared in Detective Comics #226 (December, 1955).


LissBirds said...

I miss the days when superheroes had the time and inclination to be involved in regular folks' lives like this instead of fighting relentless world-ending scenarios. Even if it did end up in a silly situation, at least this was somewhat relatable. Ahh, what do I know. These n52 kids want something else.

I'm overdue for re-reading Showcase Presents. Soon.

Diabolu Frank said...

I do not appreciate this story very much, especially as the quasi-second half of John Jones' not-so-great origin, but I'll take it over the numbingly bleak spectacle of current DC publishing. But I'd prefer more like the tales immediately following this one.

LissBirds said...

"Numbingly bleak" is the most accurate description. My summer is going to be spent re-reading old DC trades and discovering old Marvel ones.

I just read this review on Amazon that posits that creativity at DC and Marvel died in 1991/2 and it's been one long gimmick-ridden cash grab ever since. Never quite thought about it that way, but 70% of what I enjoy was written in the 80's and earlier.