Thursday, August 14, 2014

2009 “JLU J'onn Colour” fan art by Supermeow

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I like that this piece is done within the Timm model, but with its own flavor, and I haven't seen that pose before. You can see it in black and white here.

I love the Martian Manhunter and the near seven years I've put into this blog. Trying to get a weekly podcast off the ground has eaten up much of my free time, and I also feel that it would be best to make 2015 my last year of daily posting. Between these two fronts, the blog at present is suffering greatly. My usual method of generating a lot of filler material quickly is to go to deviantART, scroll all the way the entirety of a "Martian Manhunter" image search, and scrape the barrel from the bottom up. That made sense when I expected to work on this blog indefinitely, but I now realize I'm not doing readers or myself any favors by "saving up" for posting days likely never to come. That method also kills my enthusiasm pretty quick, as I shift through cruddy swipes, far off-center group shots, kindergarten refrigerator doodles, rampant shipping and pollution from other media I haven't the slightest interest in. However, because of my straining time, I still need a lot of easy pickings to keep the blog afloat, so basically, from here on out I'm giving up on being a comprehensive storehouse for every scrap of Martian crap and I'm just going to try to borrow the best of the web rather than make everyone suffer the worst. Life's too short, right?

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