Sunday, June 5, 2016

Podcast- JLA: Day Zero (1994)

Episode #26

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The Manhunter from Mars offers a final supplemental postscript to JLMay-- The JLA: Year One Podcast Crossover Event! Think of it as JuneLA, or maybe a JLMepilogue. In the third edition of JLA: Day One, Diabolu Frank discusses the controversial Zero Hour retcon of Triumph as a founding member of the Justice League, alongside the Post-Crisis Five and Superman, in Justice League America #92 (September, 1994)! Just keep telling yourself it never happened, because it never did, right from the beginning! In fact, that was kind of the whole point! Bookending that topic are excerpts from Chase #6 (July, 1998) and Martian Manhunter #17 (April, 2000) covering the retroactive continuity predecessors to the JLA, the Justice Experience and their mysterious member Bronze Wraith...

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Anj said...

I have to say I listened to the podcast in my car before I came to this page and it took me a while to put together where you were going with these recaps.

I've never really liked Triumph. I never understood the need for him. But I had never read his first appearance/origin. So thanks for adding a little bit more of a reason for me not to like him. In a cosmic Karma sort of way, I am just rereading the JLA 'Crisis X 5' arc by Morrison which has Triumph front and center.

I assume that the Bronze Wraith was J'onn in some proto-hero identity. Anyone else every use that?

Thanks for great show.

Hix said...

Hey Frank, another impressive JLJune contribution. Thanks for answering all my questions.

John Ostrander furthered the Doctor Trap story from Chase in his Martian Manhunter run. Cameron Chase bounced from Martian Manhunter into the Kate Spencer Manhunter book where the Trap story was finally concluded. I remember Chase writer D. Curtis Johnson was particularly unhappy with the resolution of the story he started. For a series that was cancelled after 10 issues, Chase has had real legs in the DC Universe and beyond into Supergil on TV.

Hix said...