Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Podcast- JLMay (1998)

Episode #25

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JLMay-- The JLA: Year One Podcast Crossover Event finally reaches our humble blog full force! Since everyone else partnered up to cover their chapters of the maxi-series, Diabolu Frank opted to call in his super buddies at Rolled Spine Podcasts for a sort of hybrid show! Illegal Machine and Pekita Trotamundos lend their voices to a radio play abridged adaptation of the tenth issue, while their fellow Mister Fixit sticks around afterward to talk for a bit about the Justice League of America!

From here follow JLMay to these fantastic podcasts! Each will cover different issues of JLA: YEAR ONE and each will come out in May! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #JLMay when discussing on social media!
  1. Justice League of America #9 (February, 1962)
    -1. Justice League of America #144 (July, 1977)
    0. Justice League America #92 (September, 1994)
  2. Secret Origins Podcast #32 (1988)
  3. JLA: Year One #1 & #2 on Aquaman and Firestorm: The Fire and Water Podcast ep. 163
  4. JLA: Year One #3 & #4 on The Power of Fishnets 6
  5. JLA: Year One #5 & #6 on Waiting for Doom Episode 57
  6. JLA: Year One #7 & #8 on The LanternCast
  7. JLA: Year One #9 on Super Mates 54
  8. JLA: Year One #10 on The Idol-Head of Diabolu 25
  9. JLA: Year One #11 on Comic Reflections
    b)onus JLMay background episode!
  10. JLA: Year One #12 on Views from the Longbox Episode 238

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Hix said...

Hey Frank great episode. Here are a few thoughts presented in a format you may be familiar with.
a) the opening music was great and i love that the promo error about the year that this series came out continues to be fodder for our amusement.
b) Loved the tribute to Rob Kelly's other podcast in the voice direction for Aquaman.
c) So much respect and affection for Snapper Carr in that performance
j) Great that you involved your Rolled Spine comrades in the show
6) I was disappointed we didn't actually get your thoughts on the issue and series.
76a) I wonder how extravagant your episode would have been if you hadn't been busy.
XVII) I can't believe you have another related episode in the works. Actually I can.
a) I always feel uncomfortable with how J'onn is treated the series. Most beings would tell the JLA to F off.
iiooii) (unrelated to the ep) do you collect MM toys and items?


The Irredeemable Shag said...

How the hell did I miss this all those months ago?!?! I didn't even know this episode existed until the other day. This mini-play was friggin' genius! First of all, great job by all the actors involved. Second, brilliant idea to turn a podcast into an audio adventure!

I friggin' loved this!! Thank you for making my day so much brighter!!