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Justice League #3 (July 1987)

While Silver Sorceress, Wandjina and "Bluejay" were not so naive as to actually trust Colonel Rumaan Harjavti, they still left Bialya to target the nuclear arsenals of the Soviet Union at his suggestion and aided by his country's intelligence.

After 9.2 hours of hovering inside "the Bug" outside Bialyan airspace, Blue Beetle was sarcastic and the Dark Knight didn't like his attitude. Martian Manhunter soothed, "Blue Beetle meant no harm, Batman. And, frankly, it has been a long night." Sooner, on-board radar detected the former Assemblers flying out of the country, and gave chase. Given the lack of information on the trio, Beetle and Manhunter were of like mind regarding their likely other-worldly origins. "Just what I was thinking, Manhunter!" The Bug gave chase, until the trio entered the Soviet Union. "If three costumed superbeings start attacking Soviet missile sites..."

The Rocket Red Brigade was alerted to defend the U.S.S.R., both from the surviving Champions of Angor and the Justice League. Guy Gardner, a prior threat to the Brigade, again took undesirable initiative against the Reds. Captain Marvel was too preoccupied with the Brigade to follow Batman's order to rein the Green Lantern in. The Caped Crusader then demanded, "Manhunter-- get out there and grab Gardner!"

"...Gardner-- Batman wants you inside... Now!"
"Aww-- go back to Mars!"
"I said inside-- and I meant it!"
The Alien Atlas drug Gardner by the scuff of his collar back to the Bug, and roughly dumped him inside, while J'Onzz went on to battle Rocket Reds. The Martian Marvel punched one of the armored fliers toward Captain Marvel, who redirected the Red into another with a blow of his own. "J'Onn-- I don't understand this. We're here trying to save the Russians-- but all we seem to be doing is beating on them!"

General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev saw the error, ordering the Brigade to stand down, and allow the Justice League to assist them. Sadly, a nuclear reactor had been shut down too quickly in anticipation of the surviving Champions of Angor arrival, initiating a meltdown. Wandjina managed to avert that tragedy, but not without paying a heavy personal price. The Soviets took the trio into custody, then escorted the Justice League outside their airspace.

Returning to their mountain base, the Justice League were greeted by Maxwell Lord IV, who arbitrarily introduced to them their newest member, Booster Gold...

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