Friday, December 19, 2008

The Hyperclan: ZÜM

Alter Ego: Unknown
Occupation: Alien Invader
Group Affiliation: The Hyperclan, White Martians
Base of Operations: Still Zone, formerly Gobi Desert
First Appearance: JLA #1 (January, 1997)
Height: Variable, appeared approx. 6'0"
Build: Variable, appeared with lean muscle
Weight: Variable, appeared approx.170 lbs.
Eyes: Variable, appeared white
Hair: Variable, appeared white
Skin: Variable, appeared Caucasian

As a member of the Hyperclan, Züm took part in a White Martian plot to conquer Earth by pretending to be a member of a super-team of "Alien Samaritans," while simultaneously controlling the minds of the population and undermining true heroes. Züm was involved in the execution of a number of super-villains during this charade.

While stationed at the Hyperclan's Gobi Desert base, Züm attacked the Flash, launching a high speed skirmish across the globe. When Züm showered Wally West with bricks, the hero thought, "Get the feeling Züm has some military training-- using superspeed in a tactical way. If I don't start thinking the way he does, I'm in trouble. Just running fast isn't going to get me through this one. Züm's smart." Flash finally used his superior speed to increase his body's mass toward infinity, striking Züm with a super-punch that sent him reeling at escape velocity.

After Züm's recovery, he partnered with Armek in storming toward Z'Onn Z'Orr to engage the JLA. There he threatened Aquaman, who used his telepathy to locate Züm's basal ganglia and give the Martian a tremendous seizure. From there, Züm was likely captured by J'Onn J'Onzz, but his present whereabouts and circumstances are not known.

Powers & Weapons:
Züm has exemplary command of super-human speeds. While not up to the velocity of the Flash, nor seeming to connect to the mysterious "Speed Force," Züm uses tactical thinking to maximize the effect of his still considerable power. For instance, he's been known to modulate the frequency of his afterimages to create a strobe flicker that can disorient the mind. Züm also displayed laser vision capable of flash-frying a metahuman body. Züm should presumably have other Martian abilities, such as shapeshifting and superhuman strength, but the full compliment and aptitude are unknown. For example, Züm was easily bested by Aquaman through telepathy, a power often treated as inborn among Green Martians.

Züm has a catastrophic vulnerability to fire, causing immediate loss of his abilities, and eventually death.

Quote: "You must be Aquaman. What can you do? You can't fly or run fast, can you? Your skin may be tough but not so tough I can't just... cut through. What can you do, apart from talk to fish?"

Created by: Grant Morrison & Howard Porter

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