Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2006 JLA Charity Commission by Jae Lee

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Here's a rather morose piece by Jae Lee, even for Jae Lee, which is saying something. I can't say much for his Flash or Manhunter, but the cruelly aloof World's Finest are awesome. Lee really gets across their disdain for humanity and irritation at having to pretend they want anything more from us than our humble tithe at their alter. That Fleisheresque Hal Jordan is so out of place, but I dig it. Note the absence of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, because we don't like them long-haired noblesse oblige types 'round these parts. Blow this bad boy up here!


mathematicscore said...

Ok. The Justice League's reaction to humanity. Flash feels bad about it, but can't stand the sight of us. Superman feels above it all and is a little amused by it all. Batman can barely contain his disgust. Hal can't really understand why people aren't more like him. J'onn simply laments.

Joyous Day!

LissBirds said...

I think if Scipio were here he'd say this rendition was an attempt to Marvelize DC heroes. :)

Lol, mc! I see it more as: J'onn ran out of Oreo's. Barry just came back from the dead and feels out of place. Superman's feeling the pressure of being the world's savior and sole son of Krypton. Batman's actually feeling quite cheery, and Hal finally realized there are no girls left on planet Earth that he hasn't already dated.

mathematicscore said...

Ha! You're correct, I totally misread Hal. He still has the Cosmos, although I don't think Arisia is returning his calls right now.