Monday, November 16, 2009

Batman and the Outsiders #2 (January 2008)

In Central City, within Jardine Tower, Metamorpho shielded Catwoman and Katana from a rampaging OMAC. Through a remote feed, Through remote feed, Batman and Thunder viewed the chaos. The Dark Knight Detective determined that the OMAC had been modified for a "dedicated purpose." He then contacted another on-site agent.

"J'Onn, what resistance are you facing?" Through a hail of gunfire, the Martian Manhunter replied "Minimal. I am nearing what is labeled the Concepts Laboratory. If there is any background on this project, it will be here." Invisibly, the Manhunter burst through the lab doors, then accessed his Martian Vision. The Batman informed, "There's an OMAC presence here, J'Onn."
"How many, Batman?"
"One for now. A variety we haven't seen before."
"Then the information in this room is more vital than we surmised."
"The rest of the team may need your brand of assistance."
"Intelligence first. Force after. It will only take a few moments to scan the raw data. I will recall it from my subconscious at the conclusion of the mission. Scanning."

In Brussels, Mr. Jardin was alerted about the super-heroes invading his tower. It was revealed his lover was an OMAC.

Within Jardine Tower, Grace arrived to help her fellow Outsiders. Catwoman gave notice that her one-time favor to Batman in getting his team inside was paid off, and fled the scene. Metamorpho managed to electrocute the OMAC out of commission just before the OYL Martian Manhunter arrived.
"I say we keep it. Like a pet."
"A dangerous proposition."
"J'Onzz... we could have used a hand here. You still on Martian time?"
"Is it still active?"
"The OMAC is stunned at best."

Later, in Gotham City, the Martian Manhunter floated in midair as the Batman sat upon a gargoyle.
"I must question the wisdom of this. Are you certain that it would not be better to destroy the OMAC?
"A captive unit is worth more to me than a dead one, J'Onn."
"You speak as though it were alive."
"How else are we supposed to react to it? Brother Eye has given his creations something close to independent thought."
"You created Brother Eye and yet it continues to exceed your expectations."
"I have secured the creature as you wished. The data I collected at Jardin is available to you. I want you to be aware that I have made all of this known to the Justice League."
"As I would expect. But let them know that Brother I is my problem to solve."
"I cannot guarantee how they will react to that. You will have to do without my aid as well as my counsel, Bruce."

At their penthouse, the Outsiders considered their options, with Grace pointing out "Batman's canned Anissa. Fraidy-cat's not coming back, and J'Onzz looks to be adios as well. Our bench is getting weak." Within moments, Thunder was tossed through a window by the team's newest recruit, Batgirl

"Infestation" was by Chuck Dixon, Carlos Rodriguez and Bit.


mathematicscore said...

You do well to label this a "Guest Appearance." But man, what kickassery. I like to see Martian Manhunter being all assertive and stuff.

LissBirds said...

J'onn scares me when he's "assertive." (Thinking of that scene in JLA Earth 2 when he becomes a Martian pincushion fighting Ultraman...)

mathematicscore said...

Again...Loved it! Martian Pin cushion. And then he totally tells Superwoman or whatever what is up. Wonderful.

LissBirds said...

Oh, yes, that's right! He totally dissed Superwoman, too. Something like, "Whatever I see you in I don't find...attractive."

mathematicscore said...

An honest Gentleman, that J'onn J'onzz.