Sunday, November 8, 2009

fotolog highlights for may - august 2008

It's been a mighty long time since I've been by The Martian Manhunter Fotolog, which has been very helpful to myself and a swell online resource for all J'Onn J'Onzz fans. I was on a research expedition today, and stumbled by for the first time since April. Seeing as I had been running a series of highlight posts related to the site that stopped a year earlier, I figure I ought to get back to it already.

May 2008 Index
The proprietor in Alex Ross Martian Manhunter shirt with statue.
Natural Martian sketch from Justice League: The New Frontier
OYL Martian Manhunter by Adam Kubert from Action Comics Annual #11
Miss Martian cameo in Rann/Thanagar: Holy War #1
Holding the original cover art for OYL Detective Marciano #1
Burger King shapespinning toy:
In motion
Closed with set of comic
Miss Martian "The Little Tiny Titans" #4 pin-up
Original Tim Levins art for the 2004 Toronto ComiCon Booklet Cover
Justice League Turnaround

June 2008 Index
Detective Marciano vs. Piccolo

July 2008 Index
Game Pieces
Martian Manhunter Zombie Bust by Casey Love
JLU-style 3D model
Modern Manhunter 3D CGI Model

August 2008 Index
Skrullian Skymaster by Mike McKone
The Martian Cheesehunter' VS 'The Martian Anteater'.
JLU figure repainted in OYL costume


LissBirds said...

That 3d CGI model over at is stunning, especially the skin tone...I wonder if that is the model being used in that DC Universe Playstation game? It looks professional. Everything is perfect except for the feet...I'm not sure where he was going with that.

Diabolu Frank said...

That was an odd choice, wasn't it?