Tuesday, March 23, 2010

52 Week Fifty (June, 2007)

Week 50, Day 2: Egypt. Black Adam beat up Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, and the Big Red Cheese himself after killing millions in Bialya. This was mostly because he's a narcissistic self-justifying psycho creep who barely needed the excuse of his wife and brother-in-law being murdered to go on a rampage.

Week 50, Day 3: Australia. Justice Society of America members discussed Black Adam amidst the damage he'd caused the Sydney Opera House.

Week 50, Day 4: Italy. A battle with the Doom Patrol.

Week 50, Day 5: The JSA tracked Black Adam, whose allies and enemies in various governments clashed across borders.

Week 50, Day 6: China. The Great Ten fought to keep Black Adam out of Beijing.

Week 50, Day 7: A mob of super-heroes gathered at the Great Wall of China, awaiting permission to enter the country. August General-In-Iron finally consented to their aid. Expanding on her role from 52/WW III Part Four: United We Stand #1, Vixen walked, crawled around in the background, and ran away.

At the Rock of Eternity, Captain Marvel revealed to a band of mystics which included Zatanna that the Egyptian Gods had refused his petition to have Black Adam's powers removed.

In China, both versions of Steel with names ending in "Irons" planned to launch a nannite-infested missile at Black Adam, but it was stolen by Booster Gold, who claimed he needed it more. "Besides, it wasn't gonna work anyway. Trust me--"

The new Infinity Inc. created by Lex Luthor chickened out and fled the battle. Black Adam stood atop a mound of fallen heroes, including Donna Troy, Guy Gardner, Steel, Liberty Belle, Green Arrow and more. The female Steel and Martian Manhunter continued to engage, while the JSA rallied for another round.

From the Rock of Eternity, Zatanna contacted the Flash (Jay Garrick) with a plan to finally contain Black Adam. Nat-Steel and Manhunter were brushed aside as Power Girl and Sentinel held Black Adam in an airborne position, while Captain Marvel called down the mystical lightning that grants him power through his gods to strike Black Adam. Zee announced from her magical circle (including the young Zatara, the Phantom Stanger and Madame Xanadu) "The spell is working! If Billy were grounded, he'd be dead...!"

Adam was reverted back to human form, but vanished in the blinding light show that stripped him of his powers. Captain Marvel consoled the still frantic heroes that even if Adam survived the blast, he had managed to change the magic work that would enable the return of Black Adam to something "He will never guess. Never."

Week 50, Day 7: The Rocky Mountains. T.O. Morrow learned from the head of Red Tornado what it had seen in "the Great Beyond," only to be confronted by Booster Gold and Rip Hunter- Time Master.

"World War III" was written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka & Mark Waid. It was laid-out by Keith Giffen, pencilled by Justiniano and inked by Walden Wong


LissBirds said...

"Vixen walked, crawled around in the background, and ran away." What? No chickens this time?! I feel robbed.

We never did find out what the magic word is, did we? (I didn't keep up with Black Adam's whereabouts so maybe he did.)

Diabolu Frank said...

We didn't? I just might have to do something about that before the end of the week... It's a doozy.

mathematicscore said...

I judge that Frank has read the Black Adam mini by Tomasi and Mahnke. I like it. The series and the word that is.

You know, if Justiano was a consistent as Mahnke and/or Gleason, he might be one of my favorite artists. I mean, has J'onn looked that dynamic in recent memory?

I didn't dislike 52, and bought the series week after week without blinking, but I think you're making a good point, that there were some glaring weaknesses. Eh, what can you do?

Diabolu Frank said...

M.C., dude, that issue looked terrible. I liked some of Justiano's work at CHAOS! Comics, but the majority of his DC offerings have been eyesores.

Anyway, you called it. I'll be covering the two Dark Age issues relevant here.

mathematicscore said...

While there's no accounting for taste, I've liked Justiano any time he's around DC's paranormals. Day of Vengeance, Creeper, and Dr. Fate all left a good impression on me. As I alluded to, he seems to have deadline issues and I'll grant you that there are definite moments of weakness.

Basically, he has my heavily qualified support.