Sunday, March 21, 2010


The final blog spotlight* on the Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge "Thank You Trail" is Bubba Shelby's Toyriffic. Founded on Sunday, December 23, 2007, "Bubba" has only gotten better at digging up awesome action figures to crank up my nostalgia. He usually couples this with good humor and pop music references, which I greatly appreciate as a tune geek. Bubba had participated in Shag's Crisis on Earth-Blog: Super Powers 25th Anniversary, and since He-Man & Battle Cat were set to be in my crossover, it seemed natural to ask Bubba to give it another go around... Except he didn't want He-Man, and then the blog that took He-Man never posted their installment, and I went insane and tried to write an interactive story to tie all the blogs together that fell apart. Point being, in the midst of this chaos, Adam Power of all people ended up being Toyriffic's character, and star of a short story that alluded to stuff I never got around to writing. Someday (wipes tear...)

Back on topic, Bubba's got his own blogging empire, including Art by Bubba Shelby, Woodchuck Chuck and Friends, and a slew of others. Hell, I just realized that a) he's a contributor to Amazon Princess, which I tried to rope into the crossover & b) that there's actually a team of people on that blog, one of whom totally ignored me. Bygones. Anyway, check 'em out, along with these handpicked highlights:

Yipes! Dead Smurf!
Deathstroke from DCUC's Series three
2005 Spider-Man Classics Mysterio figure
Change You Can Believe In...
Series six Mr. Miracle
1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Man
MadBall Sick Skull Face
Warrior Nun Areala
Hawkman/Thanagarian warrior three pack
San Diego Comic Con 2010 Google header
GoBot Magazine's Premiere Issue
That's no moon... it's a Pez dispenser!
Cyborg DC Infinite Heroes Mallah's Revenge Walmart exclusive
Black Canary from DC Universe Classics wave 9
Masters of the Universe Classics Trap-Jaw
27 small plastic superheroes (DC & Marvel) from Argentine Jack chocolate candy
When Guardian throws his mighty shield...
Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man
Gulliver Argentine DC Superheroes "Army Men"
Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man
Mast-Erasers of the Universe
The Batman Hawkman
Target JLU "Legends of the League" six pack: Deadman, Crimson Fox, Commander Steel & Vibe, and B'wana Beast

*How badly have you screwed up a crossover when, nearly two months after the fact, two of your own four "participating" blogs are still offline, and you've never green-lighted another person's publishing their entry in anticipation of finally "getting around to it?"


LissBirds said...

I find Bubba's art really, really amusing. I would so buy a stuffed ducktopus...

Bubbashelby said...

Thanks for the compliments and links, Diabolu Frank. Sorry the crossover wasn't a bigger success but it wasn't for lack of tremendous effort on your part.

And thanks LissBirds for your compliment on my art. Maybe I should market Ducktopus in some way, he is a rather popular guy. :)

MOCK! said...

Any extra attention Bubba gets is well deserved. Just a great guy across so many different areas of the internet...