Sunday, July 4, 2010

2009 Gaslight Gorilla Grodd Custom Action Figure by Sillof

Gaslight Justice League

The Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek reminded me of this post of mine from Tuesday, January 29, 2008 concerning Sillof's "Gaslight Justice League." Inspired by the Victorian era Batman Elseworlds tale "Gotham by Gaslight," Sillof gave the JLA founders the steampunk treatment in toy form back in 2007. Late last year, Sillof returned to build on his achievement with a "Gotham Legion of Doom." I've been juggling a write-up of the Justice mini-series across five blogs behind the scenes, so these guys have been up in my brass grill for weeks now, and I'm especially associating Gorilla Grodd with J'Onn J'Onzz because of it. Sillof chose to pair the super-gorilla off with the Flash villain Captain Cold, but I prefer olive to scarlet, myself.

Gorilla Grodd

The genius intellect of the super villain known as Grodd is matched only by his dominating size. The figure comes equipped with goggles, gadgets and Victorian vest. The mechanical arm hints at his advanced scientific abilities.

That's a pretty big hint! Anyway, I'll be looking at these figures at several of my blogs today, so check 'em out:


Anonymous said...

These are really nice looking. The only problem I have and its not really with these amazing creations its more of a rant on how Martian Manhunter needs his villains portrayed some how. These action figures some of the heroes have their enemy but the Martian never doesnt have one of his main villains there. Also In the new video game DC Universe Online they have so many characters with each member of the JLA with there main villain in it. Martian Manhunter is there but their isnt even a white martian or my personal favorite Malefic (how hard would Malefic be, he is basically the martian manhunter except with the chains that he has been seen with)

will_in_chicago said...

Very interesting takes on the characters. I particularly like the fact that J'Onn looks very serious in that suit.

will_in_chicago said...


Diabolu Frank said...

Anonymous, if you think Malefic would be an easy game port, try B'enn B'urnzz, B'rett, or any of the other Silver Age villains that were essentially J'onn J'onzz with slight color/facial variations. As you said though, it won't happen if the creators never even think to try.

On the other hand, I'll defend Sillof's gaslight collection. Since he was doing the Justice League, the exclusion of Martian Manhunter would stick out like a sore thumb, just as it did when Meltzer left him out of the JLofA relaunch. However, his villains are specifically intended to represent a steampunk Legion of Doom. Gorilla Grodd was the closest the Legion came to a Martian Manhunter villain, but while pairing up the characters would have been nice, Grodd is foremost a Flash villain.

If there's a sin of ommission there, it's in the exclusion of villainesses. With Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl made into figures, there really ought to be a Giganta or Cheetah for them to fight. Instead of a second villain for the Flash, at least a Solomon Grundy would be nice.