Thursday, July 1, 2010

Martian Manhunter Convention Sketch by Mark Badger

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Earlier this week, I mentioned my slow realization of how much the Manhunter from Mars had risen in stature among the DC pantheon. I figure it's to the point where he's more recognizable to and better regarded by the general public than the Atom, and probably anyone from the Satellite era Justice League on. This all started in the 1980s, with his inclusion in Kenner's Super Powers Collection and return to the JLA/JLI.

If I had to put my finger on the one obstacle that most tripped up that steady climb, it would be Mark Badger's art for the 1988 Martian Manhunter mini-series. Edgy and artsy were in at the time, but Badger's mingling of the popular Bill Sienkiewicz and Mike Mignola styles didn't quite pan out, looking rushed and malformed. The changes wrought by that story came to define J'Onn J'Onzz for most audiences, but the book that spawned them, when found, can be had for pennies on the dollar. However, this piece shows a nicely skewed attempt at a more classic heroic pose, and I think it turned out nicely.

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mathematicscore said...

You know, I've half considered getting a tattoo of his dancing J'onn towards the end of the mini. Simply a great image.